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May 12, 2008

Vice-President Deanna Brueggert  called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.  Present were Teresa Carter, Fern Miner, Stephanie Jones, Patty Ramsey, Eric Ragsdale, and Deanna Brueggert.  Ron Guinn was absent.  Also present were library director Karen K. Niemeyer and treasurer Barbara A. Darnell.  The board welcomed new board member and Jefferson Twp. resident Fern Miner, who has replaced John Merson and represents the Western Boone Schools.

The minutes of the April 14, 2008, meeting were reviewed.  Barbara provided a list of additional claims through April 30 bringing the total April claims to $35,179.12.  Eric moved and Stephanie seconded that the minutes be approved; motion carried.

Barbara Darnell provided the treasurer’s monthly financial report.  Receipts into the operating fund for April 2008 total $26,691.12.  Operating fund disbursements total $46,250.54.  The April ending cash balance is $632,097.83 plus investments of $60,000.00 and interest of $6694.84.  Total of all funds is $638,792.67. TrustINdiana (a local government investment pool) is now providing updated information on our former MBIA Investors account; there is now  $60.01 in that account.  After discussion, Patty moved and Stephanie seconded that the register of claims, a total of $20,630.90, be approved for payment; motion carried.  Payroll totaled $17,700.26.

The Secret Garden fund has to date raised $10,512.00 in gala proceeds, donations, and paver sales.  We are paying $4894.84 for bricks in order to have them made and delivered.  Since brick will not be available until the end of May, no construction will start until after that date.  Pavers will be sold until at least the end of June, and additional engraved pavers may be added at later dates by removing blank pavers.  Eric suggested that Chuck Cunningham be asked to include an ad on Radio MOM. 

The library’s automation project is being delayed statewide until September.  Karen, Linda White and Christine Sterle attended an information session at INCOLSA.  The SIRSI contract has been renewed for approximately a year while the KohaZoom open source system in being implemented.  All Thorntown staff have been trained on the new system.  For improved statistics, birth dates will be added to the data collected.

Alphalt sealing of the east and west parking areas has been delayed because of cool weather, then because of rain.  However, the price is still locked in.

Under new business Karen presented her annual report.  It includes her 2008 goals and a summary of staffing.  The library is open 57 hours per week and is staffed 363 hours per week for the public.  In addition, 40 hours per week is spent in custodial care (divided among three persons) with an average of 12 hours per week spent by the treasurer.  The facilities are excellent and the programs exceptional, with 873 programs provided in 2007 to 9886 persons.  The Friends of Thorntown Public Library, Inc., celebrated its twelfth anniversary as an organization in May 2007.  The population in the library’s four townships (Clinton is served by contract with the township trustee; Jefferson, Sugar Creek, and Washington, by taxation) is 5832.  There are 2551 library card holders, or 51.6% of the population.  Total loans in 2007 were 63,452, which is down from the 2006 count of 70,967 and contrasts with a 2005 loan count of 61,055.  There were 970 interlibrary loans, with 527 items loaned to other libraries and 263 items borrowed from them.  Karen pointed out that in 2007  total operating fund income was $572,719 (down from $636,487 in 2006) and that $42,000 of the difference was due to loss in interest income, a situation caused by lowered interest rates and by the fact that our reserves had to be expended due to delayed tax draws.  Total operating fund expenditures in 2007 were $527,864; in 2006 they were $533,859.  The board has paid 8 of 30 bond payments with the final payment due December 31, 2018.  Her conclusion?  “Life is good at Thorntown Public Library.  It is never dull.” 

During the personnel report it was noted that Molly Donovan plans to work until her July 19 pregnancy due date.  Christine is easily moving into the vacancy created by Fern’s retirement.  The Experience Works employee did not work out and Karen terminated her after eight days; she required continual supervision and has early stage dementia.  Shirley Hodgen is needing to spend more time caring for her aging parents, but teamwork allows the staff to function well.  The youth department is now functioning as a team to cover all responsibilities rather than being the only department in the library with a “department head.” 

Karen requested approval of the HVAC contract with KB Solutions.  After discussion, Patty moved and Fern seconded that Kurt Stevens’ contract for May 2008-April 2009 be approved; motion carried.  Overall savings of gas and electricity is 27% considering the difference in both heating and cooling degree days.  The building is comfortable.

One of three welders of cast iron followed through and submitted an estimate for welding the fountain reproduction west of the library’s entrance.  Teresa moved and Stephanie seconded that Gary Cummings estimate of $500 be approved; motion carried.  The quote includes up to 10 hours labor.  Labor above ten hours will be billed at $50 per hour plus cost of material.  Nickel rod will be used to repair the two cracks; this has been approved/recommended by fountain manufacturer Robinson Iron, who also agreed to pay the bill because the cracks may have been caused by delivery of the fountain in August 2007 and just showed up when calcium deposits formed during the late summer.  Cummings will also burnish paint from one seam on the south mid-way up the base of the fountain, then apply the epoxy provided by Robinson Iron.  Karen will have sand delivered for the Secret Garden project and it will be used to protect the iron during its cooling phase.  Gary Deakins will be in charge of repainting areas where paint is needed.

Moisture Management provided a quotation of $1000 to analyze why water continues to enter the building at east floor (carpet) level in the upper level processing office and in and under the round window on the west.  Eric moved and Fern seconded that the work to identify the source and recommend solutions be approved; motion carried.

Additional shelving is now needed.  The board’s plan was to recycle all old shelving and buy new as needed after completing of the renovation/expansion project in 2004.  Karen provided a quotation by Gaylord Co. to provide twelve units of steel shelving for the  youth department.  The former adult department shelving that has been being used by the youth department will be relocated in the adult stacks, adult reference, and audio books areas of the library.  A wood unit will be moved to the local history department.   The purchase will complete the youth stacks shelving requirements.  By calling the Gaylord quotation department and referencing the INCOLSA cooperative purchasing contract, Karen was able to save $1700.00 on the purchase price.  Furthermore, Gaylord agreed to waive the fee for a hydraulic tailgate and to provide inside delivery at no addition charge to that originally quoted for outside delivery.  Patty moved that the purchase be made and the funds from the “Transfer to LIRF’ line by moved to “Capital Expenditures – Equipment”; Fern seconded.  The motion carried. 

Karen presented the five budgets for 2009.  After discussion the board agreed by consensus that she proceed with the proposed totals for 2009.  There will be ample time to make adjustments as the process continues through the Department of Local Government Finance.  The approved preliminary figures (and comparisons to 2008) are:

  1. 2009

Capital Projects Fund                         44,462                                     44,000
Library Improvement Reserve Fund   10,000                                     2,800
Lease Rental                                       140,000                                   140,000
Rainy Day                                           57,000                                     80,000
Operating Fund                                   531,500                                   532,547

On May 13 at 9:00 a.m. Karen will present the three-year Capital Projects Fund plan for 2009-2011 at a public hearing before the Boone County Council.

During the Director’s Report Karen reported that she would be out-of-state on May 15-18 on vacation.  In August 2002 two computers were stolen; as of this date the trial of Josh Sanders is set for May 14.  We are currently paying for 40 hours per week of custodial work (three custodians) and the total could be paid to one full-time employee in the future; this falls into the “something to think about” category because insurance would also probably be an additional cost.  Karen called the police last week and met with Marshal Hankins and a boy who had left feces on the upper level unisex toilet and tracked it across the floor; the discussion was logged in the library’s incident report file.

There being no further business, Eric moved and Stephanie seconded the meeting be adjourned; motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Teresa Carter, Secretary


Karen reported that all library staff will be grandfathered in under the new state certification requirements.  Until they desire to change jobs either at our library or at another, their status will be stable.  Continuing education requirements will need to be met after the anticipated July 1 inauguration date of the new program.  Certification is based on experience and education, not on job descriptions and titles.  Two staff members may need to request temporary certification until their years of experience meet the minimum five-year requirement.  All of this is pending state adoption and signing in May-June.  There is concern that small public libraries will be unable to afford the higher certified staff.  There are questions remaining about part-time employees and certification, whether or not staff who test out of basic classes may count the time as spent (as continuing education units), and whether or not the board will want to reimburse employees the $50 they must spend every five years to renew their certification.

The board was presented with recognition pins and a plaque from the Indiana Library Trustee Association.  The LINK program of the Indiana Library Federation and the ILTA acknowledges outstanding board participation in continuing education and attendance for 2007.

Patty moved and Stephanie seconded that the capital projects fund proposed budget for 2009-2011 be approved; motion carried.

A photograph of the library’s west entrance and fountain at night was displayed.  All members agreed that it is very well done and that Robert Winter’s work is excellent.  He has offered to provide it in electronic format so that the library may use the photo in any way desired.  The board and staff are very appreciative of this gesture.

The fountain requires welding of a 5” and 2” crack in the basin rim.  The cracks may have been caused during installation and not visible until calcium deposits delineated the lines.  Robinson Iron has agreed to pay for the repair and Karen is contacting welders of cast iron for the most competent one.  Because the basin’s interior paint is flaking off, possibly because the paint had not sufficiently cured before the fountain was filled, Karen has asked Gary Deakins to handle the repainting after the welding has been completed.  After appropriate curing, approximately 30 days, the fountain will again be in use.

Under the Director’s Report it was noted that property taxes will again be delayed and that in lieu of the May tax draw’s being timely, the library will again borrow from its existing funds to meet expenses.  Rainwater has blown into the technical services office three times since January; Karen is negotiating repairs with Moisture Management, a company the ostensibly resolved the floor-level ingress of rainwater last spring.  Today the treasurer’s office was experiencing noise in the wall and staff have identified it as a bird, probably larger than a sparrow.  Karen has removed a ceiling tile and closed the treasurer’s door.  NOTE:  On Tuesday after the board meeting, a starling began exiting the ceiling tile and sitting on the office floor, chair back and window sill.  He flew back into the plenum when staff entered.  Eventually Karen positioned a ladder near the ceiling opening and Jim Miner in the treasurer’s chair with his recreational reading and the long-handled net used to retrieve leaves from the fountain.  Within 45 minutes Jim had captured the visitor and escorted him to the exterior of the building.  THANKS, JIM!

There being no further business, Teresa moved and Stephanie seconded that the meeting be adjourned; motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:13  p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Teresa Carter,