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Thorntown Public Library Board of Trustees
August 13, 2007

The regular session was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by board president Ron Guinn.  Present were Teresa Carter, Deanna Brueggert, Ron, Eric Ragdsdale and Stephanie Jones.   Absent was John Merson.  Also present were treasurer Barbara Darnell and director Karen Niemeyer.

The minutes of the July 9, 2007, meeting were reviewed and a correction made:  Patty Ramsey was present at the meeting.  Barbara presented additional July claims of $1850.46, which bring the June claims total to $47,600.90.  Deanna moved the minutes be approved as amended; Stephanie seconded; motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.  The beginning balance in the operating fund was $222,0091.02.  Receipts were $27,311.19, disbursements were $45,750.44, and the ending operating fund balance was $203,651.77 plus $52,000 in investments for a total in operating of $255,651.77.  The total of all funds plus investments was $383,400.93 plus $14,681.75 interest on investments.  The register of claims (total $18,375.48) was reviewed.  The MBIA report was provided and revealed an interest rate of 5.13%.  Th ere is concern that since Boone County residents have not received their property tax billings, our ususal property tax draw of June 30 has not been received.  However COIT (County Option Income Tax) is received monthly, and we have enough money to run a full year.  Barb recommended cashing in a $120,000 operating fund CD that will mature on August 14 and putting the money in checking to use for expenses;  another CD may be purchased after the tax draw has been received.  Eric moved that the transfer of $120,000 be made and Patty seconded; motion carried.  Patty moved and Eric seconded that the claims of $18,275.48 be approved; motion carried.

Under Old Business Karen showed pictures of the fountain in progress.  She reported that approximately $2000 more is needed to fund the price increase of $3820.  The fountain will be installed the week of August 28 and a celebration and dedication scheduled for September 8.  A quotation of $1891 for five concrete bollards to protect the fountain from automobiles has been received from Dawn Enterprises.  Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded that the bollards be ordered.  Concern was raised that these need to be installed before the Sept. 29-30 Festival of the Turning Leaves.  Karen has been working with Robinson Iron on the rental of a crane for the fountain installation.  She showed pictures showing the location of plumbing and electrical lines to the fountain.

Seven of the eight surveillance cameras have been installed.  Karen provided a demonstration of the system after the meeting.  The eighth camera will be installed after the fountain is in place and, if not needed for fountain security, will be installed in the children’s activity area.  Linda and Karen have been trained on the surveillance system.

No additional T-1 line will be needed for 2008.  Bandwidth problems were resolved by removing the automatic updates from each workstation.  Karen has met with ENA to complete paperwork for July 2008-June 2009 e-rate discounts.

Regarding personnel, all new hires are working out well.  Some homebound services to Lebanon residents and facilities have been discontinued to control costs.

Karen recommended a change back to Anthem health, vision and dental insurance, effective September 1, 2007,  at a considerable savings over the present John Alden Assurant/AIG packages.  Fern and Shirley will have individual policies, instead of being part of the group plan.  This will allow them to take the policy with them as they move into retirement.  Karen’s policy will remain with Carmel Clay Schools and the premium cost will be reimbursed to her.  Deanna moved and Patty seconded the change to Anthem as the provider of our insurance; motion carried.

The audit exit interview went very smoothly, and the auditor gave us a good report.  Thanks to Barb for her good work each year.

Under new business, Karen reported that the backup generator for the sump pumps has not been reliable but that it has been repaired under warranty.

Patty moved and Eric seconded that Karen be reappointed as the library’s representative to INCOLSA; motion carried. 

INCOLSA and the Indiana Library Shared Catalog will be migrating from SIRSI, a proprietary system, to Koha, an open source system.  Karen and representatives from INCOLSA are working on a grant proposal to the Community Foundaion of Boone County to cover the cost of extracting records from the SIRSI system.  The proposal will be used as a model for other libraries who seek similar funding from their community foundations.

The radiant wall heating in room 116 needs to have a valve installed so that hot water will not continuously run in the heating unit but can be turned off during warmer months.  Brian Nicely of Precision had provided a quotation for the modification:  cutting into the wallboard, draining the boiler, cutting the water line, and putting in a manual valve that Karen may adjust.  The quotation totals $1700.00.  Eric moved and Patty seconded that the expenditure be approved; motion carried.

Karen has received a resignation from custodian Sandy Smith, who, with husband Eddie, has opened a pizza restaurant in town.  Karen recommended that Gary Deakins be employed in her place at a starting rate of $10.51 per hour.  Gary will also perform some handyman-type tasks.  Deanna moved and Stephanie seconded that Sandy’s resignation be accepted and Gary Deakins employed; motion carried.

During the Director’s Report Karen noted that Kentland Public Library had called and asked about Sean Bright, who is being hired by VPS Architecture for the Kentland building project.  Karen was comfortable giving them a positive recommendation regarding Sean.

Karen provided a keynote address at Western Boone to the annual literacy fair attendees.  It was well received.  Karen and WEBO will share professional development video programming:  we have purchased the FISH video about teamwork and CIPHER IN THE SNOW, which is about the cost of ignoring or labeling a child.

An Alzheimer’s Support Group will begin meeting in the library on August 21 with Karen as the facilitator.  She is being trained by the Indiana Alzheimer’s Association.

Teresa and Karen discussed a hole (worn place) in the arm of Karen’s desk chair;    They agreed that Karen would repair with navy thread and notify Teresa if the repair proved inadequate and an arm cover was needed.

There being no further business, Stephanie moved and Patty seconded that the meeting be adjourned; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Teresa Carter
Assistant Secretary